About Paula

Paula is English & was motivated to discover Pilates in 2005 after seeing at first-hand how much her friend’s body, as a result of Pilates, had completely changed shape.  Although initially a much calmer and precise form of exercise than she was used to as a competitive sportswoman, this mind-body exercise soon had her hooked and she found that it perfectly complemented her other sporting interests.  Thanks to Pilates, her body regained its youthful state even after her second child!

Paula has always had an interest in sports, nutrition and rehabilitation techniques as her Mother was a Physiotherapist, and with a background in Training and Human Resources, Paula believes she has now found her vocation in life.  She truly believes that Pilates is a safe and extremely effective form of exercise if taught correctly and that it can help people from all walks of life;

  • From children to the elderly
  • From Pre- to Postnatal
  • From the average person to the elite sportsman
  • From someone that wants to tone up to someone that has some form of injury & needs to rehabilitate
Why else would Medical personnel ie. Physiotherapists, Osteopaths etc. recommend Pilates so highly?

Paula is also a firm believer in continuous education, and she frequently attends training workshops & private classes to keep her skills up-to-the-minute.


Whilst serious and dedicated to her work, at the same time she understands that it is also about having fun and is a strong believer in building variety into her programmes.  Her goal is to deliver the maximum impact at each session, and work with individuals and groups to prove that variety really can be the spice of life!

Paula is a fully certified STOTT PILATES™ Certified Instructor (Level 1 & 2) for the Reformer, Matwork, Chair, Cadillac and Barrels.  She is also a certified TRX Instructor.