Recommended Sites

Paula will work with you to advise on how other forms of excercise/ nutrition/ holistic medicine can help achieve your goals.  The people and companies listed below are recommended by Paula Goddard.

Sheeba Majmudar, Nutritionist

Charu Ramesh, Homeopathic Doctor

Tel: 6467 0783

Dr Ian Lee, Holistic General Practitioner, Integrated Medicine Clinic
Adrian Lalani, Osteopath & Naturopath & NAET practitioner
Thomas Khoo, Specialist Compounding Pharmacy

Tel: 6836 1323, Online Vitamin Supplier

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Aileen Lane, Image Consultant, Nutri-Style

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Dr Isabelle Yeoh, Aesthetic & Anti-aging Clinic, IYAC

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SuperNature, Organic Produce

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Brown Rice Paradise, Organic Produce

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Dr Shirin Jacob, Gynaecologist, A Company for Women

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