Having spent over a decade as a competitive dancer and professional model, Amanda knows the importance of a maintaining a healthy body. It was through her dance training that she was introduced to STOTT PILATES®. Little did she know that Pilates would come to dominate her life upon retiring from dance and modeling.

Discovering a practice that puts the focus on the mechanics of the body in a way that not only improves one’s ability to move and perform, but helps bring awareness of their own body and sense of self was one of the things that initially drew Amanda in to the Pilates world. The healing of the practice made transitioning into the role of Pilates instructor a natural one, and Amanda received her STOTT certification in 2008. After a few years of teaching in Michigan and Texas, Amanda landed in Boston, serendipitously taking over the role of primary Pilates instructor, shortly after starting at Healthworks for Women in Boston’s Back Bay. Always up for a challenge, Amanda quickly built up the program. Having taught there for nearly a decade, with countless wonderful clients, she expanded her teaching to train new up and coming instructors as an Instructor Trainer for Merrithew™ in 2016, working in both Boston, and the greater Massachusetts area.

In 2020, she expanded her horizons, opening up Impact Pilates. Due to the novel Corona virus, initial offerings will remain online, consisting of private individual sessions, as well as group classes via Zoom. In-studio private Reformer training will be available soon.

Pilates is a lifelong passion. In her words:

“With Pilates, I finally felt whole in my body. It made me feel comfortable in my skin, taught me to appreciate the body that I had, the movement that I had, and the ability that I had. If I can give that to people through teaching them body awareness and movement, that brings me joy. I love the anatomical sense that you’re getting from form and movement. And that’s what Pilates is, and what it teaches; to see how our body moves, and what it does for us. It’s why I love what I do. It’s what I want to bring. It’s why I want to train other instructors in how to give this back to their clients. And for my clients, it’s the sense of self that I want to allow people to have for themselves because I know the impact. I know how much happiness and contentment and peace it’s brought me.

I’ve had clients who no longer experience back pain when walking, no longer get strained sitting at the office, who after years of walking hunched over can finally stand straight, and for many others, never have to experience so many of the typical signs of aging, simply because they’ve maintained their body, musculature, and posture in a way that allows them to age gratefully. This is what I bring to Pilates, and this is what teaching Pilates means to me.”