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Pilates Foundations
Essential Level Pilates Mat class focusing on the movement principles of Pilate’s body. This is a wonderful class if you are new to the Pilates practice or have been taking Pilates for years and are looking for a slower pace class that focus on form, correction, breath, and awareness.

Pilates with Props
A fun and innovative Pilates class using small props. This will challenge and open your eyes to different ways you can move with Pilates. Open to all levels. 

Intermediate/Advanced Mat Pilates
This Pilate’s class for those looking to explore a little deeper within the Pilates practice. Often working within a theme this class is built for those who love movement, love Pilates, are familiar with the practice and principles and are okay with a little exploration. 

All Level Mat
Building on the basics in this class you’ll continue to develop strength, mobility, coordination, and endurance in a more traditional style Pilates Mat Pilates format, sometimes using props such as lightweights, dish, towel, or book. This is great class weather you’re new or seasoned within the Pilates practice. 


7:00 AM – Pilates Foundations


4:00 PM – Pilates with props


6:00 PM – Intermediate/Advanced Mat Pilates


7:00am – Pilates Foundations

1:00pm – All-Level Mat Pilates


12:00pm – All-Level Mat Pilates


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